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MAY 4, 2018 | For those of you in the congressional district of Congressman Connolly, there will be a free disability forum in Burke this Sunday from 3:30-5:00pm. This is in a private residence, although open to those of you who are in his district and have questions regarding anything related to disability. With all of the changes to healthcare, it is important to stay ahead of what is happening and to make sure your children will get necessary disability services. Miss Erin will be attendance at this forum as well. If you want to RSVP, please email Miss Erin and she will provide you with more information and details: The forum is in two days, and she will respond to all email inquiries as soon as possible.

Pictured here is Miss Erin with Congressman Connolly at one of her personal meetings with him in his local office right in Tackett’s Mill! Pediatric Achievements is grateful to have his office in such close proximity- he is a huge advocate for our children and families!

OCTOBER 5, 2016 | “A few weeks ago I had the privilege of accompanying two of our OTs to Capitol Hill Day in Washington DC for our annual professional advocacy day (with Miss Jen and Miss Joy). Of the over 600 practitioners and students who attended, there were only 4 practitioners from the entire state of Virginia who were not associated with academia! Pediatric Achievements represented 3 out of these 4 clinicians for our whole state! While I am disappointed in these numbers, I want everyone to know how important advocacy is at the local, state, and national levels. We are educating our lawmakers on relevant issues that directly affect our children, families, and our jobs as occupational therapists. Revenue is lost any time we need to cancel therapies, and for a small business this can have a great financial impact, but advocacy is very important to the mission and values at Pediatric Achievements. For those of you who get services with us, I want you to know you have chosen a practice that values educating the public and spreading awareness of regulatory issues that directly affect the provision of therapy services for your child. Thank you for choosing us, and we will continue to be the voices for our profession.” ~Erin Clemens, Owner/OT/Virginia State Association President

APRIL 27, 2016 | We had a Pediatric Achievements field trip today to Arlington at the Organization for Autism Research (OAR)! We left with lots of wonderful resources for our families. Erin was presented with a thoughtful, framed copy of the military guidebook for which she was a contributing writer. Look for it soon hanging in our office! Thank you so much to OAR for your time, especially Mike Maloney, Kimberly Ha, and Wendy McKinnon!

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