DID YOU KNOW? Most orthotics are completely customizable!  Your child can choose the pattern that will be on their brace, the strap colors, and the padding color. The pattern chosen can be as simple as their favorite color, sports team or even hearts or camouflage!

Our physical therapists work closely in collaboration with orthotists, who fabricate the orthotic. This relationship goes both ways, as we can refer a child to an orthotist or the orthotist can refer a child to us! 

Orthotics can range from a simple foot orthotic to help with arch support to a brace that may decrease toe walking.

We evaluate your child’s foot and body alignment to determine if an orthotic will be beneficial to help improve function and gait, prevent or improve a deformity, or reduce pain.  Once a child receives an orthotic, we determine if the fit is appropriate, and we provide education and training on how to use and wear the orthotic effectively. Our skilled physical therapy intervention can be provided with both the orthotic on and off. Orthotics do not have to be a long-term solution! We will work with your child to strengthen muscles to help maintain the appropriate alignment and potentially get to a point where the orthotic is not necessary.


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