Executive Function

DID YOU KNOW? We start working on executive function skills in infants as young as 6 months of age!

Most people know executive functioning as a set of higher-level cognitive skills that ultimately result in preparing a child or student for independence and success in adult life.  However, the foundation of building these skills actually starts at a very young age. 

Executive functions include areas such as time management, controlling emotional reactions, starting and ending tasks, completing tasks, maintaining a schedule, planning, and sequencing. We address executive functions at the infant stage through fun games, parent interactions, and exploring the environment using play. At the preschool level we do tasks that involve things such as: following 2-3 step directions, getting dressed, and transitioning into and out of activities.  As children get older we address this through organization of their school materials, following checklists, and simple meal preparation (i.e., packing their lunch). For middle and high school students, we address this through real-life activities, such as buying groceries, planning a trip, and navigating their environment. Our end goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to lead a successful adult life, and the planning & preparation should start NOW!

  • Task Initiation
  • Task Completion
  • Emotional Control
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Working Memory
  • Flexibility

We address executive functions as applicable during therapy and as part of a home program. We work out of a specific executive function workbook that the family is requested to purchase and bring to each therapy session for carryover.