Core Values

  • Accountability: We will take ownership of our actions at all times and humble ourselves to errors. We will be proactive, problem-solve, and create an action plan.
  • Growth Mindset: Professional and personal growth and development are seen through annual goals. Increasing our knowledge is a lifelong process, and we live a long life through increasing our knowledge. This includes growth for the individual, teams, and the company as a whole.
  • Teamwork: We collaborate with and challenge each other in order to reach organizational goals. Everything is our responsibility.
  • Positive Praise: We strive to maintain a positive culture through encouragement.  We celebrate the small wins.  We praise ourself and we praise others.
  • Community Engagement: We build relationships with others in the community. We serve our community through outreach initiatives.
  • HUMOR! We must not take ourselves too seriously (we work with children after all)!  Laughter and smiles should be in abundance every day!