Telehealth/Virtual Therapy

 Telehealth services, also known as virtual therapy, are when therapy sessions are conducted over a live, secure video platform. Telehealth has many benefits:

  • It allows the therapist to see what you have in your home environment that can be used as part of activities to work on in between sessions.
  • Your child can receive therapy from the comfort of their home, which can be beneficial when there are many siblings and schedules to juggle!
  • There is often greater flexibility with schedules and no travel time to/from the clinic.
  • The therapist can easily use items at home during sessions, which is especially beneficial for feeding therapy.
  • Your child may feel more relaxed in their home environment, which makes progress easier!

** Please note: Due to state licensing requirements for telehealth services, your child must be physically located in the following states:

  • Virginia (all therapies)
  • Texas (speech therapy only)

Please call our office for the most current information, since state licensure laws are changing, and we may be able to easily obtain other state licenses in order to provide services.

What our families are saying about telehealth services:

“Tele-therapy has its pros and cons depending on your situation, but overall it has been great for our kiddo and our family! My kiddo benefits best when he has therapy throughout the day and in familiar surroundings. As such, telehealth therapy has really given me the opportunity and to be more hands on with his therapy and establish a home program tailored to our needs. It saves us the logistical hassle and time of driving to and from in-person appointments which can be a handful with two other little ones.”

“We tried the telehealth session for the first time and it went amazingly well. Miss Courtney was so patient communicating with us on the exercises through the video session and our daughter, Layla, was able to show her all the progress she’s made throughout the weeks. Usually Layla takes 10-15 minutes getting used to the office area during her in-person sessions but we were able to use the entire hour working on new exercises during our telehealth session in our home with Layla’s toys. We’ll be doing telehealth sessions going forward.”

“We initially started working with Pediatric Achievements when we learned that some sensory challenges could be impacting our son’s speech development. OT sessions have improved our son’s ability to transition from one activity to another, focus better, and ultimately clearly speak and communicate. As parents, the sessions have also provided us with some great tools and techniques to use day-to-day. Our son has made significant strides, and we know that OT has played a big part in helping us get here.”
 – Chris & Stephanie Sutton, Bristow, VA

“I cannot say enough good things about telehealth with Pediatric Achievements. Due to sensory issues, my 12-month-old son would only eat infant cereal and a few stage 1 purées. Now at 17 months, he willingly eats things like pancakes, French toast, meatloaf, chicken, broccoli, pasta, pizza, bananas, and blueberries. He absolutely loves Ms. Sam and lights up when he sees her on the computer screen. As a COVID baby, he has not had much contact with other people, so I know it helped being able to do therapy from home in a familiar environment without the stress of meeting strangers. Pediatric Achievements provides a kind, patient, and positive approach, which has enabled my son to succeed.”