Functional Vision

is the ability to have 20/20 visual acuity.  In other words, to see clearly at a distance of 20 feet.  
VISION is actually the process by which the brain interprets what we see. 
Sight and vision are two separate things and should be treated that way.

We work closely with vision specialists to ensure that a child’s visual system is being addressed appropriately, so that we can treat them most effectively in our clinic for the best progress:

  • We work with general optometrists who will evaluate your child for visual acuity and determine if corrective lenses are needed.

  • We work with developmental optometrists who will evaluate your child’s functional vision to determine if special lenses, such as prism lenses, could be beneficial.

  • We work with ophthalmologists who will evaluate the health and function of your child’s vision to determine if corrective lenses, surgery, or other treatment may be indicated

Since this area can often seem overwhelming and confusing to parents, we will work with you to determine who the best vision professional might be for your child’s unique situation. All of our OTs have advanced knowledge with visual processing to include administration of a comprehensive functional vision assessment, specialized vision treatment protocols, and a home program of vision activities