DID YOU KNOW? If a baby is less than 3 months old at the initial referral for conservative physical therapy treatment for torticollis, you can expect 100% resolution (per the APTA CPG guideline); however, confounding factors could affect results.

Torticollis is a condition in which a newborn or infant’s head is tilted to one side and rotated towards the opposite side. There are multiple causes of torticollis, and our pediatric physical therapists are trained to evaluate and help determine the main cause for your child’s torticollis.

The following are risk factors that may put your newborn at higher risk for developing torticollis:

  • twin gestation
  • birth trauma
  • first birth
  • increased body length
  • presence of facial asymmetry
  • presence of plagiocephaly
    • Plagiocephaly is a condition where your baby’s head may be flattened on one side or misshaped.  After we evaluate your baby, we may refer you to an orthotic clinic to determine whether wearing a helmet or band will improve the shape of your baby’s head.  During treatment, we perform stretches, strengthening exercises, promote symmetrical development of motor skills, and provide caregiver education on positioning and interventions to perform at home to help resolve your baby or infant’s torticollis.

If you notice any of the following, bring your child to Pediatric Achievements for a full physical therapy evaluation:

  • Your baby only turns their head to one side or has decreased rotation to one side
    • Your baby keeps their head tilted to one side most of the time
    • Flattening or mis-shape of your baby’s head
    • Facial asymmetries (ears, mouth, eyes, cheeks, jawline)
    • Difficult time maintaining other positions during activities such as breast feeding or lying on their tummy

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