Our Mascot

You might see Penny around the clinic, or even in some special videos on our social media pages! Sometimes Penny even visits our friends during therapy sessions!

We chose a penguin for our mascot because they are similar to our children in the clinic in so many ways!  Check out how penguins and children are alike:

• Penguins love to swim because they like how the water makes their bodies feel calm.  They seem to be able to feel their body parts a little better when they are in the water because of the resistance.  (We call this proprioception!)

• Penguins love to play on their bellies!

• Penguins are loyal and dedicated to their families!

• Penguins can’t fly- neither can our children!  (or can they?)

Here are some other FUN FACTS about penguins!  Did you know:

• A large group of penguin friends playing in the water is called a Raft. However, if the group is playing on land, they are called a Waddle!

• Penguins come in all shapes and sizes! There are at least 17 species, with the smallest being 10 inches tall and the largest being over 4 feet tall!

• Penguins can’t swim backwards!

• Penguins are great at jumping! Some types of penguins can jump up to 9 feet in the air!

Every January we celebrate Penguin Month with fun activities, giveaways, and contests! Penny hopes that you will stop by and help us celebrate!