Meet Our Team

OUR MISSION at Pediatric Achievements, LLC is to facilitate independence, intrinsic motivation, and happiness across all environments as we aim to collaboratively treat the whole child with the highest quality of individualized care and undivided attention to children and their families.


  • Sensory Integration Therapy/Formulation of Sensory Diets
  • Functional Vision Deficits/Visual Processing Deficits
  • Handwriting Without Tears (R) Program
  • Infant Massage
  • Sensory Stories
  • The Alert Program
  • Feeding Therapy
  • SOS Approach to Feeding
  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Astronaut Training


  • Provide the highest quality of individualized service to patients and their families
  • Educate parents and caregivers on every aspect of their child’s diagnosis and treatment
  • Collaborate with parents and caregivers on a treatment plan and goals for their child
  • Work with children based on their strengths and motivations
  • Maintain thorough progress notes
  • Assist children and families in preparing for the future
  • Have a wide range of resources for families, both within the community and outside of the immediate community
  • Give back to the community through volunteer work
  • Be an effective listener to children’s and families’ needs
  • Provide flexible working hours to meet the needs of working parents