Penguin Fun at Pediatric Achievements with Our Mascot, Penny!

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Did you know?

We have a mascot at Pediatric Achievements!  Her name is Penny the Penguin, and we celebrate all things PENGUIN throughout the year, but especially every January!

Waaaayyyy back in 2016 our staff voted and all agreed that a PENGUIN should be the official mascot at Pediatric Achievements!  Our kids voted again and chose the name PENNY for our mascot!


Penguins share many qualities with our staff and our families:

  •  They are loyal, dedicated, and social!
  • They are sensory-seekers, especially for touch and deep pressure input!
  • A penguin personality is witty and meticulous!
  • They are lots of FUN and CUTE to watch!

Each year in January we celebrate the official PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY!  Throughout the entire month we have contests, penguin-themed arts & crafts, penguin writing prompts, photo ops, and MORE!

Be sure to follow us on social media and check out our hallway with the latest and greatest artwork, photos, contests, and  information about PENGUINS!

PENNY the PENGUIN is always doing silly things throughout the year, so be on the lookout!